Flex Real Estate
Flex Real Estate Services believes our clients should not have to worry about the day-to-day responsibilities of their distressed assets. RMM is committed to providing measurable results for a wide variety of clients thanks to our innovative and strategic approach.
As a licensed builder, our expertise in the construction and property management industries allows us to accurately evaluate the status of the distressed asset and to develop an effective disposition plan. Our team will smoothly implement the plan on your behalf.
Once the property is restored to a presentable and secure status, Flex will provide support services to maintain the property's positive image, in addition to addressing any service or maintenance needs. Flex Real Estate Services will also work to enhance occupancy levels, create an operating budget and collect all rents, if applicable.
Flex Real Estate Services is a licensed real estate broker who will work with leading local real estate and auction companies to determine a fair market value so the disposition of the asset proceeds quickly and economically. We can also serve as a court appointed receiver and/or trustee.
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Rehabilitation contractors and property management services for distressed assets are the specialty of flex real estate services, including michigan construction inspection and court appointed receivers mi to assist in property management and rehabilitation contractors and other services to restore distressed assets to cost efficiency and profitability. Michigan construction inspection and property management expertise from flex real estate services, from property management to court appointed receivers mi for distressed assets, as well as rehabilitation contractors and michigan construction inspection to maintain southeast michigan properties and market distressed assets. Property management of distressed assets by flex real estate services means a full program of property management to restore, maintain and market distressed assets from michigan construction inspection to rehabilitation contractors to court appointed receivers mi and other property management plans for distressed assets. Flex real estate services focuses on distressed assets through michigan construction inspection and rehabilitation contractors and court appointed receivers mi to restore distressed assets through skillful property management and maintain and market distressed assets including michigan construction inspection and southeast michigan rehabilitation contractors and detroit property management experts.